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Palmyra United Methodist Church
Thursday, November 27, 2014
We come together to worship God, with eyes, hands, and minds of all ages to be an inspiration and serve all the people.

Welcome to Palmyra United Methodist Church!

We are a community of faith who seek to learn, serve, and grow as we worship God together.  You are invited to join us for worship, learning, and fellowship. We have been reaching out to the world and the community in Fluvanna county since at least 1779, and we continue to reach out in love and service to Palmyra, Virginia, and all of the world.
258 Palmyra Way, Palmyra, VA 22963
 Located on the North side of Courthouse square across the street from the old Court House off Route 15.


Celebrating 180 years!  

  Service of Worship:  8:30 AM

Adult Sunday School:  9:45 AM
  Service of Worship:  11:00 AM

with Children's Church and Nursery for preschooler children

We are a church that seeks to worship God, empower individuals
and change the world through our gifts and God's grace.
“No Peanut” policy: Due to significant allergies, we have adopted a “No Peanut” policy at PUMC.
This means that we ask that no peanuts or peanut products be brought to church.
Thank you for helping make our church accessible to all, including those with peanut allergies. Thank you! 
Pastor George Gorman
You may schedule appointments/visits either at your home or the church.
Office Phone: (434) 589-1700 Parsonage Phone: (434) 589-5210
Mobile Phone: 434-222-7293 (*preferred method of contact*)
Pastor E-mail:
Church E-mail:
Meetings and Activities: 
For any questions call 434-589-1700.
Week of November 23, 2014
                 Christ The King Sunday
Scripture Reading for November 23:  Ezekial:11-16, Psalm 100, Ephesians 1:15-23, Matthew 25:31-46.
Scripture Reading for November 30Isaiah 64:1-9, Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19, 1 Corinthians 1:3-9, Mark 13:24-37.
God examines both rich and poor, not according to their lands and houses, but according to the riches of their hearts.” (Augustine of Hippo)
Sunday, November 23:
       8:30 AM: Early Worship Service
       9:45 AM: Adult Sunday School 
     11:00 AM: Worship Service with Children’s Church. Nursery provided for preschool children on the terrace level of the education building. 
CONFESSION - Almighty and merciful God, we know that when we offend another, we offend you. We are aware that we have often allowed the shadow of hate to cloud our souls, hiding the light from our unseeking eyes. We have said unpleasant and hurtful things to our brothers and sisters when they failed to live up to our expectations. Grant that we might find that spark of love that ever burns within us, the love that you have shown to us even when we failed you. Fan the embers of that love until it roars again in flames of love, peace, and reconciliation. Forgive us our sins and help us to forgive those who have sinned against us.  Lead us into new life through your Son Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of all. Amen.

Future Events:  

Monday, November 24:
      HUGS (Hands United in God's Service), knitting/crocheting prayerful items, at Cuppa Jo’s from 3:00 to 4:00 PM. New time due to change from DST. If you can’t make it at 3:00, just join us when you can. I’m sure some of us will still be there at 4:30, but the new time gives us time to get home before dark. See you at 3. All are invited.
     Narcotics Anonymous meets at  8:00 PM in the conference room.    
Tuesday, November 25:
     Choir Practice at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  New members are always welcome.  Share your love of music with the rest of the church. Please join us for practice.
Wednesday, November 26:
     Bible Discussion at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall 
     Narcotics Anonymous Meeting at 8:00 PM in the conference room.
Thursday, November 27:
      2nd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner:  1:00 PM until 3:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  Invite a friend or neighbor to join you. Sign-up sheets will be available for the next few Sundays.  Let's make this a special holiday for someone who might otherwise be alone.  If you have any questions contact Cindy Brown.
Thursday, November 30:
      Wesley Fall Fest:  6:00 PM until 8:30 PM at the Wesley Center at UVA.  Please see the bulletin board for more information.


Friday, December 5:
     Hanging of the Green --OR-- Help Jeff set up the Nativity at 10:00 AM.  Lots of helpers are always needed and greatly appreciated!  Bring an electric screwdriver if you have one.
Saturday, December 6:
     Happy Face at 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM 
     Annual District UMW Advent Breakfast at Byrd Chapel 9:30 AM.
From the Pastor…
We are planning a Confirmation Class for January/February 2015. Generally children 10 years old and up are eligible and who are baptized (however we can baptize and confirm on the same day). Planning to meet at the Sunday School time (9:45 to 10:30 am) for probably 6 to 8 sessions. It will be a time of learning and interaction (and some good fellowship). We have a number of children who are eligible. Please let the pastor or Marion know of your interest. So far Jashee, TK, Ella, Alex, Kathryn, Kellie and Ashley have expressed a desire to be confirmed. Thanks.
HELP Needed:  Sneaker deliverers needed.  If you are going to Potomac Mills OR Williamsburg to do some shopping, please take lots of sneakers from Sharon's garage with you.  There is a Nike Factory Store at each place.  See Sharon Sutton for their address and phone number.  Thanks for helping.
Palmyra United Methodist Church sent $45 to Ronald McDonald House after Gerry Brown recycled 73 lbs. of aluminum cans.  Thanks for your help -- that's a lot of cans!
Do You Know...?
Congregational Caring Christmas Card: send your greetings to your friends at Palmyra United Methodist Church and at the same time share your love and care with someone in need by participating in the Congregational Caring Christmas Card Program.  Look for the large felt Christmas tree in the Fellowship hall and the red offering basket.  Write your name on one of the Christmas ornaments and hang it on the tree.  Put the savings made on the cost of the cards and postage into the envelope.  Please make checks out to "Palmyra United Methodist Women".  The Love Offering will go to local charities.  Thank you so much for caring.
Alternative Giving: Give anytime gift that helps another.  On November 30, December 7, and December 14, in the Fellowship Hall you will have seven alternative giving choices to peruse after worship services.  Gift cards will be available for Fluvanna Meals on Wheels, Heart Haven, Costa Rica Missions, Mike & Kris York in Romania, Fluvanna Christian Service Society, and No More Malaria nets.  Consider an alternative gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. to honor friends or family who have all they need--and it helps an unknown person in the process.  Win-Win!
Order Poinsettias Now: 10 Poinsettias will be on the altar each Sunday beginning Nov. 30 (1st Sun. of Advent) until Christmas Eve. You will be able to take them home after the 11 AM service on the Sunday they are displayed. Isabelle will be in the narthex or outside the front door to take your order & dedication request for your poinsettia(s). Cost is $15 each.


Samaritan's Purse Operational Christmas Child is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Boxes are available in the vestibule to pick up and fill. Instructions are in the box.  Please return filled boxes to the vestibule before 11:00 AM on Nov 23rd. As you are filling the box, please pray for the child who will receive your box that they may know Jesus loves them. Any questions, please contact Beverly Wormuth
Angel Tree (presents for prisoner's children) The purple tree in the Fellowship Hall has the children's name and information. Directions: pick one of the angels, write your name & phone no. on the poster card (very important). Gifts must be in by Dec 7. Each gift should cost between $15 & $25. We are also asking for 2 dozen cookies to give to the families. They are also needed by Dec. 7. Questions? Contact Kitty Davis.
Happy Face is collecting new and gently used toys games books and sm./med size Christmas trees.  We need volunteers for processing toys and for set up on Fri. Dec 5 & party Dec 6. If you can help please contact Ande (589-2972) or We need 2 doz. cookies for Dec. 6 party Donations of Holiday food items by Nov 30th. Vouchers ($20) for children & sr. adults for gift buying available from Flo Strohmayer. Make checks out to FCSS.
Prayer Chain – To add a need, contact Flo Strohmayer at    
Food Pantry –  Please remember to bring one food item per week.  Thank you for your help.
Altar Flowers – Flower chart is in the narthex. Please sign up or contact Isabelle at     
Recording of Sunday Services: Contact Martha Rossi at for a CD to share with others.    
Reminder: Please take a Palmyra bear to anyone in need of prayer and consolation.    
Recycle news: Please take your rinsed recycle cans and totally worn-out sneakers to Sharon Sutton’s garage. Thank you.     

Newsletter input:  Please contact Margie Rohleder with input for our newsletter, The Palmyra United Methodist Church Messenger.

We have 10 large print hymnals available in the vestibule.  Ask an usher if needed.

Financial Update from George Oss, Chair, Finance Team:   Last week's receipts to both the General Fund and the Building Fund were below the weekly average needed to meet this month's budgets.  With two weeks remaining, we will have to average about $3,000 per week to achieve our November goal for the General Fund.  Our receipts so far this month and year-to-date are shown below.


                                Nov. Budget   MTD Receipts          YTD Budget   YTD Receipts
     General Fund           $15,731         $9,802                    $144,721        $153,140
     Building Fund           $  6,658         $3,401                    $  61,250        $  75,109 


As year-end approaches, we are working to expand the use of our Power Church computer program to accommodate our financial activities. Look for an article in the next church newsletter describing this program and the role it is playing in our operations.



Children's Choir:  We are planning to organize a children’s choir to potentially sing during the service once a month. Ferne has volunteered to provide the piano talent and Rita will help but we would like a couple others to join in. Please let Marion or the pastor know if this ministry tugs at your heart. 


Missing someone? If you notice that someone has been absent from church over a period of 2 or 3 weeks, please give them a friendly call. Or, if you prefer, notify Shirley Todd and she will call them. 

Culpepper United Methodist Church: let me (Pastor Gorman) know that they are praying for us. Let us reciprocate by praying for their congregation as God continues to use them to spread the Good News.  This is part of the Bishop's initiative to support one another in prayer throughout the Virginia Conference.  May we also include Salem United Methodist Church and Cunningham United Methodist Church.  Thanks, George

Name Tags: Thanks for faithfully wearing your name tag, an act of hospitality and courtesy to your neighbor.  They will be placed in alphabetical order rather than by numbered slots.   
Remember to check the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall and your mail slots in the library.   
Our Great Church Library: Just a reminder that there is a treasure waiting for you. Our church library is located downstairs from the Fellowship Hall and contains all types of books.  There is no limit on how many you may borrow nor how long you need to take for reading them.  Come and look, you may be pleasantly surprised.   
November/December UPPER ROOM DEVOTIONALS: We now have regular and Large Print editions available in the narthex.
Check-out the box in Fellowship Hall filled with snapshots of past church events taken by Ernie Wittich.  Feel free to take your favorites for 25 cents each.  All monies will go to the building fund.  Enjoy! 

Meals on Wheels: Would you be willing to Volunteer Contact  
Remember we now have two wheel chairs available.  Leave your wheel chair at home and the usher can meet you at your vehicle with one of our wheel chairs.  Feel free to worship in a wheel chair and the usher will take you back to your vehicle at the end of the service.  
As a courtesy to the weekly counters and the financial secretary: It is less work for them if you use the provided envelopes for your regular offerings.  If you don't have any, there are extra packets in the vestibule with a unique number.  If you take a packet, please sign the log.  Thanks   
A letter of thanks:  Please share this with your pastor and the church.

I'm told that Palmyra United Methodist Church is supporting the mission, Las Palmas de Mamre on a monthly basis.  I want you all to know how thankful we all are for the support and confidence in what we are doing. My life goal is to share Jesus with anyone who will listen.  I'm honored that you all remember me and are still upholding me and this work.

Maybe one of my most exciting encouragements of this week is that one of my former Sunday School students from about 3 or 4 years old is now pastoring a small church of around 50 adults and called me to see if we could get our leaders together to lead a revival with them.  We plan to do afternoons with children and evenings with adults and the most exciting thing is that he wants to follow up with sending himself and his leaders to the mission for a several day training in homiletics (preaching) and leadership with children.  Then to unite to go into another virtually unreached village. Ministry and teaching opportunities are opening up now faster than I can keep up.  We are in the process of building a good horse cart to get us into some of the back roads where we can't reach by boat.

God keeps on taking care of me, and I think I have some very tired angels running around protecting me.  Just yesterday we were crossing the mountain coming back from San Jose, and as we pulled in to a mechanic shop in Puerto Viejo (the end of the journey) just to ask him a simple question, a rod broke, and had that happened crossing the mountain at normal speed it would probably have resulted in a serious accident flipping the truck.  The man who was with me driving the truck just kept thanking God that he protected us and this didn't happen until we were stopped and he simply put the car in reverse to turn around.

I couldn't keep up this pace without your support, and I just want to let you know how important this church is to me now, and has been for the years since 1972 when I first moved to Palmyra.

Thank you again for being there with me and for me for these years.
Ann Moshenek

“No Peanut” policy: Due to significant allergies, we have adopted a “No Peanut” policy at PUMC.
This means that we ask that no peanuts or peanut products be brought to church.
Thank you for helping make our church accessible to all, including those with peanut allergies. Thank you! 


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