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Palmyra United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
We come together to worship God, with eyes, hands, and minds of all ages to be an inspiration and serve all the people.


We worship God, and we support one another in our faith journey. One of the best ways that we can support one another is through groups. Groups allow us to connect with one another, to share, to grow, to learn, and to be the hands and feet of Christ. We have several kinds of groups. We offer age specific groups for children, youth, and adults. We invite you to get involved with the various groups. For information about any of the groups, please contact us at or call 434-589-1700.
Palmyra United Methodist Church Worship Committee 
These groups gather to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. They primarily serve to make individual lives and our community better. Many in our congregation are involved with other mission groups. Listed below are groups that are a sampling of the groups within the church.
–     United Methodist Women: Meeting together most months, this group does a wide variety of missions that assist nursing home residents, college students, prison inmates, and people that we will never meet or know. Kits are made to assist in disaster relief and other areas of need throughout the world.
–     United Methodist Men: Meeting the third Saturday of each month, at Palmyra UMC in even-numbered months and at Salem UMC in odd-numbered months. This group meets monthly for breakfast, cleans up the streets around the courthouse, raises money for scholarships, and does benefit meals for area organizations. 
–     Green Team: Finds ways to educate and encourage green living and thinking. This includes pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House, sneaker collections, and resource guides. Recycling became a mission when we asked our congregation, friends and neighbors to save aluminum cans and pull tabs. The excitement is -- by the end of 2012 we have recycled over 1,000 lbs. of cans and pull tabs since we started collecting them in 2010! The money is given to Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville to help the parents staying there while their children are hospitalized.
–     Missions Committee: Newly created this year this committee is seeking to have a greater impact with our mission possibilities. The group meets monthly. The projects include raising awareness for needs, a dinner for Imagine No Malaria, education about mission outreach, community Thanksgiving Dinner, and other outreach projects throughout the year.
–     School Team: This group meets with the school superintendent, helps coordinate school supply donations and the beginning of the school year, encourages and recuits volunteers for the local schools.
     Friends at Home Ministry: Meets on the second Tuesday of January, April, July and October. This is a new small group that started in 2012. This group serves by making phone calls, visits, offering transportation, and taking meals and communion to those who have medical issues. 
We all want to feel that there is a place where we can fit in and belong. These groups are designed to create fellowship and to allow us to get to know each other. Some of these groups are:
–     Amigos: a monthly gathering of men for lunch. 
–     Church Chicks: a monthly gathering of women who meet for lunch and a move. A member of the group picks the restaurant and the movie.
–     Heaven Help Us: designs and implements church-wide events for our congregation. Some of the events include: Hay Ride; Everybody’s Birthday Party; Luncheons; Game Night; Halloween Party; Summer Picnic. 
In order to grow as individuals, a community, and followers of Jesus Christ, we need to be learning. There are lots of ways and things we learn. You are invited to learn with us.
–     Sunday School: meets each week except for a few weeks in the summer.  This lecture/discussion class is led by Chris Nothnagle.
–     Small Groups: throughout the year several short-term classes and learning experiences are offered. These are shared in our “Learnings” booklet. Feel free to request a copy.
–     Children’s Church: this is offered each week during the 11:00 worship experience. Children are invited to learn and discover what it means to worship as well as learn about God and living a life of faith.
Every organization needs someone to handle the paperwork, the finances, and the general administration. There are a number of groups within our congregation that do just that. If you would like to know more about them, please contact us at or call 434-589-1700. 
Some of these groups include: marketing, trustees, finance, staff-parish relations committee, committee on lay leadership, worship, pictorial directory, and administrative council.